Ruby on Rails

Make AS is a great business tool for e-mail marketing and SMS marketing.

We met the guys back in 2017 when our engineers were invited to Norway to work onsite to start development together with an in-house team. We practiced regular cross-code reviews and worked closely with the client.

The first working version was delivered in three months. Since then, we develop and support the project on ongoing basis.

Make AS key features are email and SMS mailout, subscription management, contact lists management, advanced analytics and statistics.

Each email campaign is supplied with sophisticated statistics: how many people got the email, opened it, followed the links, etc. User can choose from customizable email templates or create his own one using simple designing tools.

As an extra feature we built in a website widget, so that when people sign up for newsletters on your webpage their contact data get directly into the database of the mailing application. That results in reducing the costs per lead. It saves a considerable amount of time for the client automatically handling the subscriptions and lists of contacts.

We had to make sure that the whole system is fail-safe. We paid special attention to the performance of the service in case of hardcore mailing, therefore we massively improved the correlation of the microservices and speeded up the export of analytics and reports.