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Lipscore is an automated tool to collect online reviews, build reputation and grow sales. This efficient engine is used by several of the biggest ecommerce companies in Europe: The Body Shop (British cosmetics, scin care and perfume company), Merida (a company that designs, manufactures and markets bicycles globally), Telia (the largest Swedish multinational mobile network operator) and others.

Datacrafts has developed the entire software platform from the very first lines of code to the enterprise SaaS ratings and reviews platform it is today.

We started from the ground up using Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL and Fastly as the primary technologies. The project has been ongoing for over 6 years.

Lipscore has a high response rate: over 20% of customers leave a rating or review.

The tool makes it simple for shoppers to give feedback about their customer experience so there’s no more need for the e-commerce websites to create and manage their own systems.

The key feature is to create invitations and send them to customers. We implemented it through plugin, API and CSV import. The invitations can be customized, translated, sent by email or SMS.

Lipscore clients can import and export reviews in CSV as well as export data in PDF. Email templates are fully customizable and it’s possible to set up an integration with a client’s API.

The service supports different languages and all popular (Zapier, WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento) and custom eCommerce solutions and can be integrated with any website without limitations that dimensionally expands the range of possible users proceeding from the geographical location and the type of e-commerce platform used.

We integrated Fastly, the edge cloud platform, and achieved a high percentage of cached queries that dramatically increased the performance.

There were several challenges during the development stage. We had to speed up the plugin to have wild performance because of the sheer traffic volumes. By implementing several types of caching we got a 10x loading boost. In order to localize the JavaScript plugin we automated the whole process using YAML and Crowdin platform.